Tony Lepore – ViolaCello StageWorks

Tony Lepore has been involved in theatre for the past 16 years as a producer, composer, stage manager, lighting designer, sound designer, playwright, and tech director in cities across the US, UK, Canada, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates. His producing credits include Eva Minemar’s Angry Jellow Bubbles (Internationally), WET- The Opera by internationally renowned composer Anne LeBaron at the Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), The La Lupa Italian Cultural Arts Festival, Rick Pagano’s Eldon Corvet and Hanging Alice, and hundreds more as part of Managing Director duties at Angry Bubble Productions. He has worked with various theatre companies including the Naked Angels, Barry Josephson Productions, VoiceChair Productions, the Barrow Street Theatre, etc. Managing Director of Angry Bubble Productions, La Lupa Fest, and ViolaCello StageWorks. His play “The Decoy” was a finalist at The Network’s 2012 Playwright’s Festival at the Barrow Group Theatre.

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